iPhone 12 Features and Performance Compared to the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8


Apple has once again re-design their popular iPhone smartphones to feature the latest technology available in the market today. The new Apple iPhone 12 comes with many more features compared to its predecessors. Apart from that, it comes packed with great features that will leave your face lightened when you use it. The iPhone 12 comes with the same features of iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 plus a couple more that makes it much more popular than the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7. To give you an idea about the iPhone 12 and its features, read the article below: iphone 12

Longer Battery Life iPhone 12 models are loaded with more power than its predecessors which gives users longer talk time. In fact, it boasts of a life time of up to ten hours which is way more than what you can expect from your average smartphone. Furthermore, the iPhone 12 models comes with a fast charging speed which allows you to get over your day’s work in no time. A 14.4 Gbps Wi-Fi and 5g connectivity makes it an all round smart phone for everyone.

Faster Processor Apple iPhone 12 pro has a lot of power under the hood. And to top it all, it comes with a brand new A14 chip that’s twice as fast as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s Plus. With this speed, your apps load faster, your device displays graphics and animations in higher resolution, and your web surfing goes smoother and faster. Furthermore, the iPhone 12 vs. iphone 12 pro also supports High Definition video recording which is the highlight of this phone’s advantages over its predecessors.

Longer Battery Life With a built-in accelerometer, the iPhone 12’s battery life lasts for up to eight hours. That’s much longer than the iPhone 7 which only lasts up to seven hours on the same device. In addition, the iPhone 12 pro offers fast charge times which help you get over your daily routine quickly. You can get your day started even before you go to work with just an hour or two to spare. The iPhone 12 pro max even offers fast wireless connections which are ideal when you travel. You can take the iPhone anywhere with you effortlessly and quickly.

Longer Battery Life Even though the iPhone 12 pro features an A14 dual core processor, it only last for half an hour on a single charge. For some, this isn’t enough especially when they use their smartphone for more than just calling and chatting. However, if you’re a user who needs high performance but you don’t want to compromise on battery life, you should consider other phones such as the iPhone 7 Plus or the Nokia E71. These devices have larger screens and allow you to browse the internet, watch videos and enjoy other functions easier. They also have high-end cameras that rival the iPhone 12 pro.

How Does It Compare With Other Phones? If you’re looking for a new smartphone, it’s important to consider how it performs and how it compares to older smartphones. Many reviews highlight the iPhone 12 pro’s high-end hardware and great screen. It also comes with many of the same features as iPhone 7 Plus and has been designed to work seamlessly with other devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch. However, this doesn’t mean that the iPhone 12 doesn’t have its fair share of competition, especially from devices that have been released since the iPhone 6s.

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